Why Alluma?

See what a Pharmacy Benefits Illuminator can do for you.

Three reasons to focus on pharmacy benefits management:

The traditional PBM model is under attack and rightly so.

Vertical integration means more competition for patients.

You deserve a return on your investments.

Why Alluma is different:

Financial Transparency

The only fees health systems pay are a management fee and a prior authorization fee.

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Client Resource Optimization

Prescriptions are incented to flow through health system owned or affiliated pharmacies first.

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Clinical Collaboration

Alluma clinical pharmacists collaborate with health systems to develop effective strategies for the plan and its members.

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Value in Scale

More value and savings will be proactively identified as the coalition continues to grow exponentially.

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Aligned to redefine the market.

Alluma is shifting the focus back to patient care by creating a new entity that is uniquely aligned to the needs of its clients and their members. We are a Pharmacy Benefits Illuminator - we negotiate on the same side of the table as our clients, helping them uncover opportunities that optimize their benefits programs while supporting better health outcomes.

We are a provider-led, provider-focused alternative developed in collaboration between Vizient and Mayo Clinic. As the nation’s only member-owned, member-driven performance improvement company, Vizient is uniquely positioned to approach the PBM market with a provider lens.

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Mayo Clinic is focused on meeting patient needs and providing superior, evidence-based patient care. Mayo Clinic has offered pharmacy benefit expertise as a service to self-insured health plan clients across the country for more than 20 years, and is a trusted source for health care and health information.

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