Pharmacy Resource Optimization

Is your pharmacy preferred as the PBM-mandate pharmacy?

How We Optimize Your Pharmacy

Your plan, your choice. With Alluma as your pharmacy benefit management partner, 100% of prescriptions are filled in pharmacies of your choice, whether it’s your in-house pharmacy, our Mayo Clinic pharmacy or specialty pharmacy, or our network of 64,000+ pharmacy locations across the country.

We leverage your pharmacy ecosystem to ensure there are integrated and aligned incentives for your drug purchasing program, on-site pharmacies, clinical practice, your plan and its members. Utilizing your on-site pharmacies means more coordinated care and uninterrupted access to medications for your employees and plan members.


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Cost savings and incremental revenue. 

Success is found through many key areas:

  • Your pharmacies are always first to fill prescriptions for your health plan
  • Additional support as needed for wrap specialty and mail order pharmacy services
  • Specialized reporting helps hospitals and health systems understand prescription capture and claim leakage

By honing in your pharmacy’s potential, our Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) program can help drive deeper savings and value to your health system and to your plan members, whether its optimizing scripts to your onsite pharmacy, channel management or utilization support. 


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