Robust Transparency

Ensuring you receive the full value of your pass-through savings plan

Pass-Through Savings Plans

While savings may be achieved through your on-site pharmacies, you could be missing additional value if your PBM isn’t passing through savings from other retail pharmacies. Through Alluma’s robust model, transparency is the foundation for ensuring savings and value are aligned. 


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Optimal Transparency

We’re dedicated to supporting your health system from start to finish. Our team of experienced and exceptional leaders will help guide you through program design and implementation that ensures optimal transparency, more savings and improved value. 

  • Channel management, to ensure optimal savings and rebates
  • Clinical programs designed to ensure adherence, utilization and the best outcomes
  • Lower overall drug spend 

Alluma - Robust Transparency

What Our Clients Have to Say:

Alluma - Testimonials

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“Alluma provided a level of service we had not experienced with our previous PBM. They are knowledgeable, easy to work with and provide great data on an ongoing Monthly, Quarterly and Annual basis.Client VP of Human Resources


“The collaboration between Alluma and our benefits team has been extremely valuable. We are able to provide timely changes to our enefit design to help with the bottom line while keeping employees’ health as the primary focus. We are also able to achieve goals that we’ve wanted for a long time – (such as) monitoring overall adherence to costly prescriptions as well as for chronic conditions.” – Client Chief Human Resource Officer

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