Clinical Collaboration

Working together to connect care and reduce pharmacy spend

We work together

At Alluma, we have clinical experts, pharmacists and account managers who collaborate with your pharmacies, prescribers and medical benefits plan to implement strategies that are most effective for your plan and your members. In short, we work with you to make your pharmacy benefits more efficient and cost effective while delivering better health outcomes for your members.

Our clinical team works directly with your pharmacy staff to rapidly resolve coverage issues. We also create custom clinical programs which are designed to target unique prescribing patterns and deliver value.

Our deep integration with your care model and digital platforms, greatly increases efficiency for your providers. And our clinical staff offers consultative support to ensure the sharing of best practices.


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We empower you to make the right decision

We don't just work with you, we partner with you. Alluma has the tools to empower your human resource leaders, prescribers and pharmacists to make the right decision.

  • We empower Human Resource leaders with high-touch account management and program performance monitoring.
  • We empower prescribers to identify actionable insights and gaps in care by providing comprehensive patient drug data.
  • We empower pharmacists to optimize script capture with in-house pharmacies and by creating custom clinical programs and coordinated care.

Alluma - Clinical Collaboration

Alluma - Provider, Pharmacy, Payer

We help you succeed

Our patient-centric and provider-friendly clinical platform help you succeed with these benefits.

  • Flexible formularies to meet your program goals
  • Adherence and other care optimization programs included with one Alluma fee
  • Integrated clinical platform connecting the patient, provider, pharmacy and payer
  • Insights for clinical interventions
  • Prior authorization support - average PA turnarounds of 3.7 hours
  • Dashboards and comprehensive clinical reporting

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