Clinical Insights & Intelligence

Program analytics and clinical insights for your patients

Best-in-Class Program

Access best-in-class program analytics and clinical insights for your patients, your providers and your pharmacy benefit plan. 

At Alluma, we’re bending the cost curve with our collaborative approach to analytics and custom pharmacy programs. Through Data Analytics we benchmark trends, understanding the reason for high spend then we design an effective intervention which is implemented as a course correct, where needed. All of this works together to unlock plan and member savings at your health system pharmacy.


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Alluma Advanced Analytics

Our insights and intelligence deliver metrics that matter most to health systems. Providing advanced analytics and insights for Human Resources, Finance and Pharmacies. 

  • Alluma Advanced Analytics offers data insights to meet the needs of Human Resources, Finance and Pharmacy
  • Clients receive additional plan performance insights through account management support
  • Dedicated clinical analysts provide ad hoc reporting to support decision-making

Alluma - Insights & Intelligence

Alluma - Analytics & Insights

Up-To-Date Technology?

Is your health system utilizing the most up-to-date technology for managing all of your key analytics and intelligence points? 

Tools to Monitor:

  • Powerful and user-friendly web-based tools
  • Custom reports to save, share or reuse later

How We're Different

We strive to provide all of the tools your health system needs today while also projecting your health system losses, savings, shortages and overstock. This holistic looks sets Alluma apart and creates a true partnership and collaboration between your entire ecosystem.

Monthly Quarterly Insights

  • Key utilization metrics and trend
  • Performance of all Alluma clinical programs
  • Top drugs by indication with cost drivers and hospital benchmarks
  • Internal pharmacy script capture with leakage by drug
  • Opioid dashboard
  • Generic utilization
  • COVID-19 vaccine, test kit and oral medication use

Alluma - How Were Different

Custom dashboards for hospital clients, reporting to support decision making and so much more!

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