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The unique issues self-insured health systems face.

As it relates to pharmacy benefits, self-insured health systems face a specific issue: they’re in the business of providing and seeking reimbursement for the very services they’re insuring. This unique bind colors interactions with both health plans and PBMs.

Sophisticated providers of patient care.

As sophisticated providers of patient care, many health systems are integrating pharmacy services into their operations — investing in facilities, systems and staff strategically positioned to enhance specialty and primary care. To support this critical role, managed care staff negotiate with health plans and PBMs for inclusion in preferred provider and pharmacy networks. These negotiations are complicated by PBMs’ desire to steer patients — and revenues — to their own specialty and mail-order pharmacies.

As self-insured employers, health systems rely on health plans and PBMs for third-party administration and access to provider networks that meet the needs of employees and their families. Ironically, the networks they’re offered often exclude their own providers and facilities.

Unfortunately, smaller health systems simply don’t have the clout to force their way into the networks that will care for their own employees, while larger systems sometimes lack the knowledge and confidence to prevail.

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What sets Alluma apart:

Transparency Icon Robust Transparency

All rebates, dispensing fees, interest on rebates and discounts are passed through, so that the only fee health systems pay is a management fee and a prior authorization fee.

Resource Optimization IconPharmacy Resource Optimization

Prescriptions are incented to flow through health system owned/affiliated pharmacies first.

Integration IconClinical Collaboration

Alluma clinical pharmacists collaborate with health systems pharmacists, prescribers and medical plans to develop and implement effective strategies for the plan and its members.

Value Scale IconInsights and Intelligence

More value and savings will be proactively realized as the coalition grows exponentially.

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