Measuring Success

We’re dedicated to keeping costs low while still delivering quality benefits.

Discover health benefit savings with Alluma.

With Alluma, health systems regain control to deliver highest-quality clinical standards to their patients while also managing costs.


We evaluated the pharmacy benefit plans of five hospitals in the Southeast, and across the group, savings were calculated to be:

  • 12.5% for a broad network
  • 14.8% for a narrow network
  • With aggregate consortium growth, savings could reach over 26% for this same group

Addressing low value drug spending and optimizing specialty pharmacy management is estimated to save each institution between 12%-14% of drug spend.

  • Actual savings would be dependent on the programs implemented
  • Clinical Integration:
    • Opportunity is beyond the savings generated through higher rebate and discounts
    • Empower us of HCO-owned and/or affiliated pharmacies
  • Total # of
    covered lives:
  • Savings

Expected Reduction in Pharmacy Spend

  • 1 Million Lives
  • >750,000 Lives
  • >500,000 Lives
  • >250,000 Lives
  • Access Tier
  • 0%
  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • 25%
  • 30%
  • Narrow
  • Broad

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